Europe for Peace is a project by international peace organisation Uniting for Peace

Uniting for Peace is the amalgamation of two organisations 'The World Disarmament Campaign' and 'Action for UN Renewal', both of which were active in the peace movement for decades. The World Disarmament Campaign was founded in 1979 by Fenner Brockway and Philip Noel-Baker, Nobel Peace Laureate, to work for the implementation of the policies agreed at the 1978 Special Session on Disarmament of the UN General Assembly. Action for UN Renewal was established to promote an effective United Nations, with the authority and resources required to realise the aims of its founders - international peace and security, respect for human rights, economic and social justice, and the rule of international law.

World peace is not a utopian dream. It can be realised by overcoming forces of destruction, violence and warmongering. Uniting for Peace is a civil society organisation helping to do just that.