Report of 1st European Peace Summit 2016 “Connecting Minds – Unleashing Potential”

The first European Peace Summit was held at the prestigious newly built European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary from 4 – 7 April.

The theme of the conference was “Connecting Minds – Unleashing Potential”. The event had plenary sessions, workshops, exercise sessions, meditation and panel discussions.

Vijay Mehta, Chair of Uniting for Peace was one of the keynote speakers at the opening plenary of the conference. He spoke on “Inner Peace to Global Peace”, a speech which was streamed live to Europe and other parts of the world.

Over 100 delegates coming from all over Europe were there, with a large presence of youth and students. Some of the workshops were on the art of hosting in peacebuilding, meditation, inner conflicts transformation, conscious leadership and digital media - the art of focus. There was a good one on empathy and consciousness, and one on development and social change.

Vijay had an informal networking with delegates and acquainted them with the new campaign Europe for Peace – Count Me In. He distributed the booklet on Europe and recent Uniting for Peace newsletters. It was a great chance to meet activists from around Europe.

Shanti and Vijay took a lovely cruise trip on the stunning Budapest Danube river, full of illuminating sights; stories of famous personalities from Hungarian history, kings, queens, poets, inventors and legendary stories about the town of Budapest divided in two, Buda on one side and Pest on the other. It was a great networking opportunity and a trip to remember.

I learned that although there is a lot of pessimism around, the energy I found in the students and youth was phenomenal and they are so passionate to change the world – and they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

The conference was well organised and praise goes to the World Peace Initiative Vice President Ping Ping Worakate, Summit Coordinator Karolina Mazetyte, European Coordinator Anna Oleshkevych, Digital Strategist Anca Iorgulescu, Communication Manager Alejandra Sevilla and others who helped make the conference a resounding success.

Read Vijay’s full speech on "Inner Peace to Global Peace"


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